Our Famous Paella


Famous Paella

We provide office catering, corporate catering, wedding catering, private catering, or any party you imagine. Our catering is totally based on exactly as our Italian Tapas restaurant style; hence you can enjoy our restaurant quality food even in your party. Also, we hold cooking classes once a month where we let people learn our popular recipes.

Below given is the recipe of one of the most popular Spanish foods i.e. Paella. Here, you will find the main ingredients required to cook the incredible paella along with the method of cooking this traditional Spanish Tapas food.


8 x Whole prawns

16 x Black mussels

160ml x Bomba rice  

1 x Roasted capsicum diced

2 x Squid (sliced)

100ml x Whitewine

Lemon wedges


Extra Virgin fine foods ingredients

– Veal stock with pimento & saffron

– Sofrito (Paste made with onion, garlic, capsicum, sherry & tomato)

– Semi cured chorizo


– Add stock to a saucepan & head slowly to a simmer, do not boil. Once simmering, turn down & maintain heat.

– Get your paella pan to a medium even heat, pour in olive oil, chorizo, cook for 5minutes.

Add squid and cook for 3 minutes.

Add the sofrito & cook for 5 minutes.

– Spray the rice evenly on the whole surface of the pan

– Stir the rice lightly with a spoon to incorporate evenly.

– Pour in warm stock.

– Stir the rice slowly to allow the stock to penetrate the rice.

– When stock begins to simmer, add prawns & mussels & stir in, then add a couple of good pitches of salt.

– Turn heat down to a simmer.


– Ensure the heat is maintained at a medium simmer.

Watch over it at all times.

– Once the liquid has been absorbed from the top, check to make sure rice is cooked & if more salt is needed.

– Turn heat down & allow paella to settle.

Check that you have a nice crust on the bottom by opening a section with a spoon & checking the base of the pan.

The crust (Socarat) is very important.

Just make sure it is not burnt.

– Sprinkle over the diced roasted capsicum.

– Make sure the rice is not too dry or not too wet.

LISTEN TO THE RICE, when it starts crackling & the stock is absorbed.

– Allow to rest for 5minutes then served with lashings of grilled lemon & chopped parsley.

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